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[fire burning] only you can prevent wildfires.
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♪ today is saturday ♪ today is saturday ♪ salad on saturday ♪ fruit on friday ♪ throw a ball thursday ♪ water, water wednesday ♪ touch your toes tuesday ♪
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♪ let's move monday ♪ swap a snack sunday ♪ all the healthy children eat well and move a lot ♪ ♪ and move a lot ♪ and move a lot ♪ eat well and move a lot announcer: 60 minutes of physical activity a day and eating well can help get your child healthy. so keep them active and eating well every day. ♪ skip a rope saturday ♪ freeze tag friday ♪ tap dance thursday ♪ whole grains wednesday ♪ try a veggie tuesday ♪ let's move monday ♪ split the sweets sunday ♪ eat well and move a lot ♪ today is saturday ♪ today is saturday ♪ all the healthy children, all the healthy children ♪ announcer: get ideas. get involved. get going at that's
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u.s. olympic gold and silver medalist. [ crowd cheering ] i never take my eyesight for granted. and neither should you.
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doesn't matter how old you are. you could be losing your vision to glaucoma without knowing it. take care of your sight. schedule regular eye exams for yourself and those you love. call 1-800-437-2423 and go to for free information and publications from national glaucoma research.
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as a family doctor, i've seen the terrible impact of a premature birth. losing a baby is one of the hardest things a family can go through. as surgeon general, i see the toll
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that premature births have on our nation. it can cause lifelong disabilities, it is the leading cause of death in newborns, and our country has one of the highest rates of preterm birth in the world. we must do better. hospitals need to ensure that babies are delivered early only when medically necessary. we need research to find the causes of premature birth and research to find new ways to prevent it. couples need to learn the risk of premature birth and what they can do to have a full-term baby, such as getting a preconception checkup. remember -- 40 weeks is a full-term pregnancy and every week of pregnancy counts. let's work together for stronger, healthier babies.
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